I met him out with friends. We were having a seriously obnoxious evening. Wearing fur coats and sequins. For no reason other than the fact it was a Friday and we love to celebrate nothing, while dancing and drinking and making each other laugh.

He was just a little bit taller than me, so when we met in the line at the bar we looked straight into each other’s eyes.

He has read an article about the importance of looking into people’s eyes and the power it has over you. Apparently there was some study done that if you look into another person’s eyes for 5 full minutes you can fall in love (or at least really really want to fuck them).

This may have been a line, but it totally worked. It helped that he had shaggy sandy coloured hair they he kept flicking back in a very Justin Bieber circa 2012 way. Don’t even judge me I know it gave you the feels too.

So we sat at a booth face to face and just stared, he put a timer on his phone and I swear it was the longest 5 minutes of my life. It was like all the rest of the bar, the music and the dancing and the people and the smoke and the alcohol just faded away. It was the weirdest experience. You have the try it next time you want someone to want you. This actually works. Full on.

By the time the timer went off I was obsessed with him.

With the tiny smattering of freckles on his nose, with his bushy sandy eyebrows, with the break in his nose that had healed slightly crooked, with the weird perfectly symmetrical-ness of his ears.

It was one of those nights where we were instantly together, he bought me drinks, danced with me, his friends all joined our booth and it was like we’d known each other for years.

We ubered home together. Has great sex. Like seriously great.

He was a professional golf player, who was seriously fit. 18 holes all around the world must keep you walking a lot. So he talked about golf, which I have no interest in, and I couldn’t stop looking at his face. And I talked about my life & he would just stare at mine. It was like the two of us had become face obsessed.

We were desperately in love for 4 whole weeks.

That’s what 5 minutes of eye contact gets you. You’re welcome for that handy little tip ladies.

He practically lived in my house. Dinners, breakfasts, great sex, walking to the tram stop together. Holding hands, kissing goodbye, more great sex. So much time together. Like we were in each other’s pockets.

And then weirdly, one day he went home to get more clothes and we kind of never saw each other again. I never asked him to come back and he never returned. We both just on on with our lives.

We didn’t even really say goodbye.

I heard that he now lives in another state. I’m thinking of visiting one day.

What a sandy haired babe.


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