British babe.

Oh holy cow this boy was cute.

I met him at a party in a park. There were a few thousand people gathered in a local park listening to DJ sets, drinking and playing Frisbee. One of those perfect sunshine days with a breeze that just make you feel lucky to be alive.

He was tall and really athletic. Just a beautiful specimen of a man. He and his friends were playing soccer, shirts vs skins. All of them running while holding a beer and occasionally stopping to take a sip and show off some fancy footwork.

Thank you universe for making sure that he was on the skins team. I swear he was like zero % body fat. All lean muscle running and head butting and diving for the ball.

It was like slow motion porn with a soccer ball.

There’s a house down the road from the park that a bunch of friends live in, they call it the avenue because it’s on the beach road. By the time the police came around and told everyone to throw away their drinks and head home it was late evening and we all went back to the avenue to keep the party going. About fifty of us wandering through the tree lined street of suburbia, carrying picnic blankets, coolers full of drinks and cricket wickets and bats.

Lee had just moved in with the boys and offered me a ‘tour’ of his room.

To my surprise and disappointment, he actually gave me a tour of his room. As we were about to rejoin the party and I was bitterly disenchanted, he pushed me up against a wall and kissed me in his kitchen. It was something at least.

As I was leaving with a group of friends he actually chased the cab into the street to get my number. Men take notes, this is simple, yet fucking romantic and a brilliant show of public affection that isn’t cringe worthy but amazing.

He came over to my house one night at about midnight. My choice, he kept asking me out for dinner and drinks but I never agreed to it. I don’t know why but I had a tipsy bravado moment (also a little horn dog) and I told him to come on down. Literally.  *Wink wink*

After that we started seeing each other regularly. We lived only about a fifteen minutes’ walk from each other’s houses so our meet ups were easy and all the dang time. We never went out for drinks or a meal, he would just come over to my place or me go to his.

It was so nice and easy.

The only problem was, he was a chatter. He wanted to tell me all about his day and his life and his friends and his problems and his family back in England. And I could never keep my eyes open to hear the end of the story. A couple of times he actually shook me awake whining that I “Hadn’t heard a word her said.” Nope, I really didn’t, I wasn’t really interested.

I was interested in his insane athlete stamina between the sheets.

He could turn it on and off like a tap. The first time we screwed he said “Tell me when you’ve had enough and I’ll cum.” I didn’t really understand what he meant but nearly 3 hours later I finally called time and he came.

So from then on, every time I was satisfied, I would just yell at him to finish and he would. It was like have a very well behaved house guest. I loved it.

He eventually had to leave my bed and return to the motherland. England is very fucking far away for a booty call.

Stupid government and their stupid visa laws. I will always miss Lee and his perfectly timed release.


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